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Aspida can provide a number of services in the maritime sector utilising its experienced personnel and specialised equipment.
Following strict guidelines and procedures in accordance with ISO certificates.


Aspida has the expertise to operate in critical environments and our team of underwater professionals can tackle a variety of challenges in ports, terminals, or anchored high valued assets, such as:

_security / counter narcotics
_Oil Spill Response
_Structural Intergrity
_Diving Services
(incl. salvage search & recovery, wreck removal, concrete drilling)


A port is the place that we fully portray our talent offering our complete service portfolio at shore, offshore and underwater. Following an initial security audit we can prepare a comprehensive security plan (PFSP), taking under consideration all ISPS, SOLAS, MARPOL requirements. Thereupon we assist Port Operators implement the plan by providing them with the training, intelligence, personnel and equipment required and by continuously adapting the plan to mitigate evolving risk, threats and regulations.


Compliance, Crisis Management, Environmental Impact Evaluation, Emergency & Evacuation plans, Security Planning & Implementation, Project Management, Audit and Maintenance are only few of the services that our motivated energy experts can assist you with, in order to utter your project’s full potential

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