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Take the risk out of shipping with Aspida

Aspida Maritime Security is a private maritime security company, specialised in ensuring crew, cargo and vessels get to their destination intact and on time. Our highly trained personnel is full compliant with IMO guidelines.


We operate in all ports within and around the HRA, including Djibouti, Muscat, Port Victoria, Male and Moroni.
All our firearms (AR-15, AR-10) are company owned and fully licensed from the British Government.
All our personnel is highly experienced. ex-Special Forces members, of Greek, British or French nationality, undergoing constant training.
We’re among the few PMSCs in the world holding ISO 28007, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 and carry an OGTCL MAP.

We provide high-end intelligence consultancy and training.
We serve vessels flying all major Flags including Greece, Cyprus, Panama, Marshall Islands, Malta, Bahamas, Singapore, Hong Kong, France.
Having successfully completed more than 2000 transits, our experience allows us to offer an outstanding service.
Most importantly, we provide a hassle free experience from A to Z.


Aspida only choses the highest specification of firearms and equipment.
We own a single firearm platform to ensure thorough knowledge to all our personnel and we augment our capability using the latest equipment in protection, communication and surveillance. All our firearms and equipment are procured and exported from the UK and are fully licensed to our company.
Aspida strictly adheres to UK and International legislation and does not lease out/in or borrow firearms from/to third parties.


Our operations are carried out by highly qualified and regularly vetted security professionals for each sector.
All Aspida personnel are highly experienced ex-Special Forces with operational background and several NATO operations. Nevertheless, in accordance with ISO standards and IMO recommendations, we require that all personnel is undergoing continuous training that involves certifications from internationally accredited training centres.
The people that form our management team come from the world of shipping, business, armed forces, navy and government.


Aspida is certified as per ISO 28007, ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and is an associate PMSC BIMCO member. All our operations fulfil IMO recommendations and ICoC requirements. We are licensed to operate in all ports within and around the High Risk Area while serving most Flags permitting PMSCs onboard and we are the first PMSC to be permanently approved by the French Flag.

Served Flags


Intelligence is an integral part of our business culture. It is the product resulting from the collection, evaluation, analysis, integration and interpretation of information which concerns all aspects of potential threats, being significant to planning. In addition to internal intelligence capabilities ASPIDA has an ongoing contract with Dryad maritime for the provision of the advanced intelligence.

Operated Ports

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